4 Week Nutrition & Wellness Group

We invite you to join a unique nutrition support group with health and wellness expert Nomi Spain-Levy, MS., NBC-HWC.

Come join the beta group for Nomi’s 4-week programme – 100% solid, evidenced-based information that cuts through all the confusion - for a special introductory price of £45 (approx. 185NIS/$60).

Starting 1st February 2022.



The programme will consist of:

  • Small group sizes to allow for individual attention and encourage group accountability.

  • A workbook to help you focus on your mindset around nutrition and wellness and set personal health goals.

  • A WhatsApp support group with posts from Nomi offering daily ideas in a structured format for upgrading your health.

  • Personal guidance from Nomi and a forum for asking questions.

  • Help with upgrading your whole family’s health.

  • Nomi’s tried and tested ‘Healthy Hosting’ pdf recipe book, plus a bonus recipe PDF of family-friendly easy dinner recipes.

  • A list of suggested staples, ingredients and products for you to have in your kitchen to form the basis of a healthy diet.

  • If you refer a friend both you and your friend will receive a FREE healthy soups recipe booklet - please remember to mention the name of the friend who joins!

Here is some feedback amazing feedback about Nomi!

  • "Loved the clarity and consistency of the messages. Very Doable!! I am taking away building my family menus around the vegetables and focusing on the Mediterranean food plan. Thank you, Nomi!"

  • "Love this thank you - so nice to connect with other women and empower ourselves as women and moms making upgraded choices. I loved everything about it - Nomi is amazing and her practical tips and recipes were easy and inspiring."

  • "Beyond grateful to be part of this group. Huge thank you!!"

  • "Amazing group! Very high level for me with many ideas and concepts I had never heard of."

  • "Loved this and loved Nomi!! I’ve been embracing this lifestyle for a number of years so am pretty experienced but I was very impressed with Nomi’s fluency and knowledge and generosity with her time. Thank you so much for offering this."

  • "Nomi you are GREAT!"

  • "Very informative and easy to listen to. I really learned new stuff and what I could I started to implement."

  • "This was extremely informative and very useful, thank you so much."

  • "Thank you for this amazing chat."

  • "Nomi is amazing!"

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