Aug 2, 2021 - Aug 30, 2021

Empowered Parenting - Full course (4 sessions)

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About this course/event

A live online course with Rivka Zeidman - expert parenting coach! Planting & Building - Empowered Parenting The topics we will cover are: 2nd August - Fundamentals of Parenting - Planting 9th August - Fundamentals of Parenting - Building 16th August - Strengthening the Relationship 30th August - The Moment of Misbehaviour Each session costs £15 or the entire course of 4 sessions costs £55. Those who buy the complete course will have access to a dedicated WhatsApp support group for the duration of the course. IF YOU BUY THE FULL COURSE AFTER THE FIRST SESSION, THEN YOU WILL RECEIVE THE RECORDING OF THE FIRST SESSION AND CONTINUE WITH THE 3 REMAINING LIVE SESSIONS. Alternatively, you can purchase the complete set of session recordings after the course has completed, for £50. This includes a 30 minute personal consultation with Rivka!



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