American Birthright

Join us for an online screening of an inspiring documentary called, American Birthright.

The dates of the screening are from 26th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022, inclusive (GMT).

Ticket prices are £14 each with 10% of sales going to Neve Yerushalayim College, in Israel.


A direct link to the documentary will be emailed out once payment has been made. This link will only be live between the screening dates mentioned above. For anyone who pre-books a ticket before 12:01am on 26th December, the link will be sent out once the screening is live and available for viewing.

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American Birthright is a feature-length documentary that follows an Israeli-American's grapple with religion, love, and identity after her younger sister marries outside the faith. Becky journeys to carve out her identity as an Israeli immigrant in Los Angeles by consulting a handful of Rabbis, religious experts, mentors, and family around her initial question, "should I marry Jewish?".

What she finds changes her initial question to "why be Jewish?" & shifts the very course of her life. American Birthright isn't a solely Jewish story - Becky gives an authentic voice to those struggling to fit in, find their purpose and identity, and own their individuality in a world that begs assimilation.

American Birthright is a significant film that follows an honest and complex search for truth and religious identity.” — Judy Gruen, Aish | SOURCE

For a woman who was making her first documentary film, this effort is amazing. I had a wonderful time watching this film, self-examining my own life as it related to hers. And thinking of others in my life who live on both sides of this idea/question of interfaith marriages and, at its core, faith as you as a person see and experience it.” — John Strange, Selig Film News | SOURCE

American Birthright will make any viewer question what it means to be of any religious background and on a broader level - what it means to be human. Recommended.” — Mark Sugiyama, Eclectic Arts | SOURCE

Indie Spirit Award - Best Documentary Director (Idyllwild Intl Festival of Cinema)

Audience Choice Award - Best Documentary Feature Film (Seattle Jewish Film Festival)

Audience Choice Award - Best Virtual Conversation (Seattle Jewish Film Festival)

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About Becky:

Becky Tahel is an Israeli born, Los Angeles based creator of conscious content. As an international writer/producer, she created the interfaith marriage & Jewish identity documentary American Birthright, which has garnered international acclaim. She was most recently the Senior Writer/Producer at Jay Shetty's Global Media Company, where she produced over 30 million views for a handful of global influencers.

Becky founded Mannafest Media, a conscious content studio, with her husband Nathan Ben David. As an advocate for ethically sourced content & the use of content creation as a self-development tool, Becky consults & speaks globally.

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